Craft artist(造形作家)織茂瞳(Hitomi Orimo)



I've always liked craft and space designing ever since I was a child.
When I was a student in specialized work training college,
I became interested in lightings which enables to change the expression and atmosphere of a room, create calm and relaxing passage of time.

At that time I started to make lighting equipments (which I call 'lamps') using wood, glass, Japanese washi paper and other materials.The new discoveries I encounter by making lamps stimulate my creativity to expand. The uniqueness of my lamps is that they are made not only to provide a warm light to the space but also they provide an exquisite shadow that brings more comfort.

My most recent works, objects made from different materials bring very different expressions to time and space.

What kind of light through what kind of material reflect what kind of shadow?This is a question I always think about when I work to create a smooth balance of light and shadow.

I hope to keep visualizing the balance between light and shadow throughout my career by using interesting and unique blend of different materials.

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